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Causes Jaw Pain during Chills

Low temperature in the winter at this time, may not only make you cold. For some people, this condition can actually trigger pain.

Pain or pain that triggered the cold air can be felt by some people in certain sensitive areas. One is the area of the jaw, which explained Dr. Manny on FoxNews.

According to him, the first thing that should be suspected when the jaw is sore from the cold teeth checked. Cavities can be the cause of pain in the jaw. However, the weather can have an effect on your body without the predictable.

Causes Jaw Pain during Chills

Research has shown that, changes in air pressure that often accompanies a decrease in temperature can trigger pain by causing the air bag across your body to dilate and / or shrink, put pressure on the nerves.

Temporomandibular joint disorders are also common in adult women. Symptoms can include ear pain, headache, pain when chewing, difficulty opening the mouth, the sound click on the jaw joint.

Shivering in cold weather can cause the muscles in your jaw shrink or convulse. It can also cause pain. Always talk with your doctor to determine the best treatment based on your condition.

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